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Employee Accountability

Created / Updated 29 Nov, 05:45

Accountability - Employees Will Notice

Without fail employees will notice when there is a lack of accountability at any business it doesn't matter what industry is being talked about. It is almost certain that employees will test the boundaries. Especially when there is a new supervisor employees will test to see where the lines are. You would think this would stop after the employees get to know the manager but without accountability they will check on the lines again.

The fact of the matter is that employees are more secure when they know where the boundaries are. And they want to know. No one likes to make mistakes and most want to do a job well, so this makes sense. Accountability is crucial to the task of defining the boundaries and keeping the employees on track.

This is the daily process of not letting things go and giving attention to the work being done. Small corrections and guiding using passive confrontation before things turn into problems is a key tool in this process. It is being involved and knowing what keeps the employees going. Knowing the operation and seeing when something is off track makes for an involved manager and gets the issue corrected before it turns into disciplinary actions. The employees feel the manager cares about the job and the people doing the job.

When accountability is lacking the employees will talk about this in negative ways. It will seem to the employee that no one cares about the job. Not a great message in the least. Keeping employees accountable reinforces expectations for the employees as well as their responsibility to customers.

Liz Cosline
Life Ownership Coach - certified Coaching people and teams to the success of their goals and dreams.

Liz Cosline

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