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How can Systemic Team Coaching h... 06-02-2014
Entering 2014 by now we all know the business adage: due to factors such as globalisation and outsourcing, there is an increased push to improve efficiency and effectiveness of organisations. Why Cha...
Finding My Inner Voice! 23-11-2012
Everyone deals with struggles in life, things that happen which are out of our control.  What is most important is how you confront these life struggles.  Do you continue to live your life being miser...
Importance of life coaching in t... 17-10-2012
A piece of coal is transformed into a diamond, under massive pressure and in huge temperature. Similarly, the stumbling blocks on our way can be converted into milestones, through the enhancement of...
What is Coaching? more
Coaching is bringing out the potential that is in each person and having that person reach his or her personal definition of dreams, goals, and success.
Liz Cosline
Creating positive change in people through firstly analysing formed habits, and then developing more positive habits.
Morry Morgan
Coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach where both are focused on the development of the client in a manner that is customized for the client's needs and goals.
Mena Blue