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Project BETTER.ME Redesigned Car... 22-05-2015
Project BETTER.ME takes an analytical approach to one of the most popular topics of the 21st century: Career Development. There are no articles to read. There is no secret to be revealed. Project BETT...
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Best 3 Tips to Choose the Best T... 09-12-2014
Corporate training, and especially leadership training has become a favorite subject for most successful corporations. What company does not want to have the best trained employees and leaders on thei...
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The Importance of People 29-11-2014
I have just turned forty and by now I have learned some things that were not immediately obvious to me yet the lessons were always there. I hope others may read this article and that their lives may b...
What is Coaching? more
Creating positive change in people through firstly analysing formed habits, and then developing more positive habits.
Morry Morgan
Coaching is bringing out the potential that is in each person and having that person reach his or her personal definition of dreams, goals, and success.
Liz Cosline
Coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach where both are focused on the development of the client in a manner that is customized for the client's needs and goals.
Mena Blue